Disability Resource Center

Rights & Responsibilities

In order to receive appropriate and effective accommodations and services, the following guidelines are provided regarding responsibilities of the University, the Disability Resource Center, and students.


Utah Tech University has:

  • The right to set and maintain standards for admitting and evaluating the progress of students
  • The responsibility to ensure recruitment information and activities are available in alternative format
  • The responsibility to provide information about services and accommodations available to students with disabilities, and the procedures to request services. This is done through the Disability Resource Center
  • The responsibility to ensure all its programs, activities and facilities are accessible and usable
  • The right to identify and determine the abilities, skills and knowledge that are fundamental to academic programs and to evaluate the student’s performance based on those standards. The fundamental standards of a program or course are not subject to modification
  • The right to select and administer tests that evaluate the student’s aptitudes and competencies but which do not discriminate against the student with a disability. If the methods used discriminate against the student with a disability, other reasonable alternatives will be considered
  • The responsibility to adjust or substitute academic requirements that unfairly discriminate against the student with a disability, and that are NOT essential to the integrity of a student’s academic program
  • The right to deny a request for accommodation if the student’s documentation indicates no modification or accommodation is necessary, if the student fails to provide appropriate documentation or if the request for accommodation is determined unreasonable or imposes an undue hardship on the University
  • The responsibility to inform the student of his/her right to appeal a decision that denies a request for accommodation and the procedures to initiate an appeal


The Disability Resource Center has:

  • The right to set procedures to determine whether the student qualifies for services and how the services will be implemented
  • The responsibility for certifying the eligibility of students with disabilities and recommending reasonable and appropriate accommodations considering the disability and the essential elements of the academic program
  • The responsibility for setting criteria for documentation, evaluating the documentation concerning a student’s disability, requesting additional necessary documentation, assessing the effect of the disability on the student’s participation in academic courses and/or programs, recommending reasonable accommodations, and advising the student with respect to appropriate compensatory strategies
  • The responsibility to serve as the liaison between the student and faculty, and secure accommodations and serve as a resource for the facilitation and/or modification of approved accommodations
  • The responsibility to inform the student, through print or alternative format, of the procedures to access services and to explain the scope of the services and accommodations available
  • The right to request and receive appropriate and complete documentation from the student requesting accommodations. The documentation must identify the disability and the limitations created that support the student’s request. This information must be received within a reasonable time to determine if the student qualifies for services and prior implementation of services or accommodations
  • The responsibility to work with the student to determine effective accommodations or auxiliary aids and to ensure the accommodations are implemented by interacting with the student and faculty
  • The right to require the student follow the Disability Resource Center’s procedures to implement services and accommodations
  • The responsibility to keep information about the student’s disability and relevant information confidential and to release the information about requested accommodations ONLY when the student makes such a request in writing
  • The responsibility to raise awareness among Utah Tech University faculty and staff regarding the rights of students with disabilities and to define the scope of accommodations and services provided by the Disability Resource Center


Disabilities Resource Center

Email: drc@utahtech.edu

Phone: 435-652-7516

Fax: 435-879-4038

Office: North Plaza Building Beside the Testing Center